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This is incredible. Special thanks to Kristy Jett for pointing it out to me.


Hopefully the last articles didn't blow your mind to where you couldn't come back for another tea party with us. Yet, now is the time to prepare yourself for the second half of the ladies' best articles from their own personal sites. We women have slaved over a hot keyboard just to put some hot information on the screen, and what happens? EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT THEM! So this is just a second helping of the sheer brilliance that horror fans with vaginas can come up with. Like the last edition, there isn't a specific theme for the articles other than everyone is going balls out and showcasing some of the best articles this side of the interwebs. Sit back, click away, and enjoy.

The horror genre has blessed us with gorgeous women to gawk at, but even more delicious men to swoon over. Discover the "Top 10 Men We'd Love to Get With" over at
Monster Land

One of the interweb queens of Horror Reviews did an exceptionally bang-up job when it comes to her review of Carriers at
Zombies Are Magic!

BJ-C named her blog after one of her favorite movies and was sad to hear the announcement of it's inevitable re-make. Check it out at
Day of the Woman

Some actors are so mindblowing, we see movies just because they star in it. Aleata Illusion proves the point with her post on "Master of Disguise" Gary Oldman on her site
Gore Gore Dancer's Movie Reviews!

The ever so enthusiastic Rhonny Reaper decided to share with the world the first ever interview (with Mike & Ike nonetheless) on her "more bang for your buck" site
Dollar Bin Horror


Monday, May 3, 2010


The time has come for the superstar ladies of The Tea Party of the Dead to present to you fine readers of this here blog, THEIR FIRST ASSIGNMENT! We have all spent hours upon hours and days upon days, racking our brains out to bring you all the best entries we've ever created! Now, we all have absolutely fabulous blogs and wanted to let you all see some of the work that we are the most proud of. There isn't a specific theme for the articles, other than everyone is going balls out and showcasing some of the best articles this side of the interwebs. Sit back, click away, and enjoy.

In honor of Women in Horror Month, learn about the evil hose-beast female villains over at
Fascination with Fear.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Brundle Fly? Well, wonder no more and head over to
The Horror Digest!

After looking through over 5 years of blog entries, she was finally able to nab one! You know those movies with such odd titles you can't decide whether or not to even watch it? See the fabulous review of the film Dead Birds over at
Mermaid Heather.

If you don't feel like having to read words and would rather look at some pretty pictures with hilarious captions, check out B-Movie Becky's CAPS review of The House on Sorority Row at
The Horror Effect.

After the completely atrocious subtitled DVD review of Let the Right One In was slammed into the public, finding the GOOD theatrical version was the Horror Holy Grail. Re-live the excitement of getting your hands on the DVD with Nicki Nix of
Hey! Look Behind You!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I found that when it comes to coming up with ideas and accepting new members to TPOT-D, that I cannot do this alone. I wanted to originally establish a set of 5 women to help me out with things of the sort, but as a group of only 11 members, I found that to be a little over the top. Once TPOT-D has more ladies, I will stretch the two of us into a "cabinet" if you will to help make this little operation move a bit more smoothly. As for right now, I've selected an absolutely fabulous lady to help me out with this. I chose her because of her impeccable writing skills, her knowledge of the business, and because she's a fellow LoTT-D'er with me. So my partner in crime is none other than Jeanette Leonardo.

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Monsters of course!

I’m an aspiring Ph.D. student in English with a penchant for monsters and horror films. I wanted to be Anne Baxter as Nefertiri in the Ten Commandments when I grew up, but when that didn’t work out I turned to studying literature. I teach composition to college freshmen to feed my growing addiction for monsters, and in my spare time I watch horror movies, blog, lurk and write seminar papers.
Area of Expertise: Horror criticism is my bag and I use critical theory (Freud, Lacan, Kristeva, Creed, Clover) to deconstruct and analyze horror texts. My blog is dedicated to my love of monsters and horror films. From James Whale's The Bride of Frankenstein to
American Psycho, I live to explore the figure of the monster and his/her/its symbolic place in popular culture

Meet the Ladies of the Tea Part PT 4

NAME: B-Movie Becky
BLOG: The Horror Effect
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Technical aspects of filmmaking, since she is a film school graduate and aspiring filmmaker and Slasher films, especially Halloween and Friday the 13th series
Upon the lap of my guffawing father, I was raised on the horror film. Armed with a clunky VHS camcorder, I fell in love with film making at the age of thirteen in my rural hometown of Maple Valley, Washington. Countless short films and bottles of fake blood later, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production, with minors in Honors and Legal Studies, at Chapman University in Orange, California. After graduation, I married the man I met over a friendly game of Counter-Strike nine years ago. We have since graduated from Counter-Terrorist vs. Terrorists to Infected vs. Survivors. When it comes to film making, we are partners in crime and are constantly working on new projects. I am currently editing a documentary on ecology for a non-profit organization and continuing to build my resume with film experience.NAME: Sarah Jahier
BLOG: Fatally-Yours
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Just about everything!
Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier is the founder, editor and journalist for horror review site Sarah took the horror world by storm back in 2005 when she debuted and it is now the go-to site for all things horror, covering everything from independent to mainstream horror films, music and books to horror products and clothing companies as well as featuring interviews with the big names in horror as well as the up-and-comers.

Sarah prides her horror site on giving honest reviews for the genre she so loves. Everything is done “for the love of horror” (the motto and tagline of and in an effort to truly represent all the great (and not so great) horror that is out there! You can find her at:

NAME: Nicki Nix
BLOG: Hey! Look Behind You!
AREA OF EXPERTISE: I'm a true fan girl at heart and soul.

I started my blog a year ago on Jan 7th. I'm sure like most of us, I grew up on a steady diet of all things horror. My parents were great enough to never censor me and my brothers and they also let us have cable tv in our rooms. That was the start of my exposure to horror movies. I'd spend my Saturday nights watching back-to-back Tales from the Darkside and Monsters. Then I would spend my Sunday nights staying up later than I was supposed to watching Friday the 13th series. I'd scan the tv guide to find the latest horror movies listed and I'd raid my local Blockbuster and Hollywood video for anything horror movie with an interesting cover box. I grew up not knowing that my love for horror was acceptable amongst other people. My friends knew how much I loved it because that's all we watched at sleepovers and that's I spent my weekends at the theater seeing whatever horror movie came out.

It wasn't until after college where I meant a friend that introduced me to the world of conventions. At first I was so excited to be meeting awesome people but just being surrounded by my own kind broke me out of my shell. My social discomforts goes away when I go to conventions. In the real world I'm very uncomfortable about people I don't know and it takes me time to warm up but when I'm around my people, I know I can chit chat about anything and they get me. It's nice to be around people who get you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet the Ladies of the Tea Party PT 3

NAME: Christine Hadden
BLOG: Fascination with Fear
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Wow, I can't say it's any one thing. I hate restraints and boundaries.
But I guess I am extra into vampires, for one thing. That doesn't sideline everything else for me - I could never just write about vampires, I'm too broad-minded. I also love making lists, as anyone who visits my site can become aware of pretty quickly. As far as horror literature, I tend to read almost exclusively vampire novels, or at least I have for a few years now since there is so much available. I will occasionally sneak in a straight forward horror novel if the mood strikes, but with movies - I take all kinds. (Re-makes aren't really my thing, but I still watch them - it's inevitable these days.)
I do seem to like a lot of foreign horror - seems America has trouble keeping up. I also am extra fond of quiet, slow-burning, pot-boiling horror such as Session 9 or Dead Birds.
Fascination With Fear has been online since March of 2008. I started it because I feared horror would completely encompass my other blog - and alot of my family (sadly) doesn't want to read about how gory and offensive (in a good way, of course) 'Inside' was. So FWF was the result. Now I post more on FWF than I ever do on my other blog. As for me, I work on the administrative side of medicine during the day, and feed my hunger for horror at all other times! I've been into horror since I was small. Books first of course, starting with super tame The Hardy Boys series and moving up to reading The Shining under the covers with a flashlight at age ten. Then quickly after came movies - Friday the 13th and The Exorcist set me off on the right foot. As a teen I also frequently frightened myself by exploring empty old houses and sleeping in cornfields, among other things. At this point, if I wasn't married I'd be watching nothing but horror movies - but the hubby puts his foot down occasionally. I love everything about horror, and the internet has been the best thing invented to feed my addiction. Horror on the internet is a wonderful thing.

NAME: Rhonny Reaper
BLOG: Dollar Bin Horror
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Mostly older horror films (especially Price Films XD ) and some mainstream (Chucky, Saw, stuff like that), Horror Books (Especially King) and well anything you can find cheap ('cause I'm always broke.)

Dollar Bin Horror is the blog for horror fans on a budget. It's lets it's readers know that you don't have to spend $20 to see a good horror film. I post films and books that can be found in almost any local dollar store, grocery market dollar section, or thrift store for a buck or less and some can be download for free legally (links provided). I also interview up-and-coming people in horror and give them exposure they may not get elsewhere. Dollar Bin Horror is around 5-6 months old.

NAME: The Dive Mistress
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Pop culture and how horror movies are approached, studied, and recieved by academia, the media, and the public.

Zombots began in 2007 with a review of a horror movie-themed episode of CSI. I followed that up with a post about Out for Justice, the first DVD in a Steven Segal box set I bought my roommate. Today Zombots is a collection of genre movie and TV reviews, some short essays about horror culture, a few other horror-y odds and ends. Initially schooled in film, I take a quasi-academic approach to writing my posts. I'm particularly interested in horror in pop culture and how horror movies are approached, studied, and recieved by academia, the media, and the public. There's no one kind of horror movie I gravitate toward--my tastes are all over the map--but I try to watch and review some lesser-known titles. In addition to blogging, I co-host a horror podcast with my friend Count Vardulon. He and I have been disagreeing with each other since high school, and in 2008 we decided it would be a good idea to record our conversations and air them for the world to hear. I have seen every John Carpenter movie to date.

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Meet the Ladies of the Tea Party PT 2

Sorry I've taken a while to update this thing, I had some issues to sort out but now it's back!

NAME: Andre Dumas
BLOG: The Horror Digest
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: If I can't choose everything- I guess I'll choose specifically foreign horror, campy 80s horror, Dario Argento, John Landis and ghost stories, oh! and Twatlight hate.

I am a 23 year old horror fanatic who has a deep obsession with my cat, Monkey. Currently I reside in Boston where I pretend to be a real person under the cover of my administrative assistant job title. I usually watch 2-3 horror movies a day and write blog posts immediately after. The Horror Digest combines the perfect amount of horror and sass. I talk about any and all kinds of horror and focus on the aspects of the movie that stay with the viewer the longest. It should also be said that I secretly love Jon & Kate plus 8 RIP : ( ,coca-cola, and eating. I loathe sharks, copy machines, and people that walk slowly. My blog has been in existence since July 23, 2009.
NAME: Aleata Illusion
BLOG: Gore Gore Dancer's Movie Reviews
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Japanese, Italian, and Independent horror
My name is Aleata Illusion, I'm 23, and reside in the small town of Wooster,Ohio. I've been a horror movie fanatic my entire life. My undying love for the horror genre has always come more natural than breathing. I spend most of my time writing, directing, studying, and collecting movies. I run an independent movie group by the name of "Maggot Mosh Productions" and a horror movie review blog. I started GoreGore Dancer Movie Reviews on 7/8/09.

NAME: Heather Santrous
BLOG: Mermaid Heather
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Killer Kids & Child Death
I'm 22 and fresh out of college. Ever since I took a chemistry class in high school, and discovered I was good at it, I have wanted to use it in forensic science. I don't know if this is an extension of my love for horror movies or not. I do watch some films from this view point at times. Six months out of college, I have managed to find a job in a forensics lab at last. This has made me cut back on my blog some, but I am sure I will find the time again once I get into the swing of things. I have always been big into swimming--I know that "mermaid" is a cheesy nickname, but I have been called that for a long time now. It is often said I am the happiest when in the water, so I'm told I should have been a mermaid in life. I also just started my 5th year blogging!